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Our Mission

Our goal is to build infrastructure that allows the founding ethos of decentralization and transparency to flourish. Ensuring convenience but no longer at the cost of true decentralization or verifiability. We are on a mission to develop frictionless, decentralized & verifiable infrastructure for all on-chain data transmission.

Who we are

At Chronicle, we believe all data should be verifiable, censorship-resistant, and ubiquitously accessible. We believe that data should be delivered via a decentralized network securely, on demand, and with users in control of their cost center.

What we do

We are building the future of on-chain infrastructure. Verifiable and decentralized data highways, empowering the world with unfettered and uncensored information. Chronicle Oracles define a new paradigm in access to scalable, secure, resilient, and affordable on and off-chain data.

Who we work for

Chronicle Protocol is being built for those who want to know where every element of their data comes from. For those who want to hedge against increased centralized control and censorship in the data space. And for those who think that access to on-chain data in its current form is too expensive, a barrier to growth, and a cost hard to predict and control. Ultimately, Chronicle Protocol has been designed to operate automatically and ubiquitously, connecting users that require immediate and verifiable data with a gold standard of Validators.